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Pandemic Grief Scale

Take this brief 5-question online mental health screener to better understand how grief caused by losing someone to COVID-19 might be impacting your well-being. This screener was developed by our partners at The Pandemic Grief Project, visit their website to download a paper and pencil self-scoring version available in 21 languages.

Coronavirus Anxiety Scale

To better understand how COVID-19 might be impacting your anxiety take this brief 5-item online mental health screener. This screener was developed by our partners at The Coronavirus Anxiety Project, visit their website to download a paper and pencil self-scoring version available in 29 languages. 

Flourishing Measure

Download the 12 flourishing questions for use in your organization from our partners at the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University.

COVID-19 Mental Health Handbook

Our 195-page Mental Health Handbook covers a range of topics that live at the intersection of COVID-19 and mental health. This resource brings to attention the myriad mental health needs COVID-19 has brought to the surface while also suggesting ways to cope, move forward, and become more resilient. Explore some of the most important and recent research and insights from great researchers around the world.

Resources for Nurses

Coping and Caring for Oneself During COVID-19: Practical Steps for Nurse Leaders

COVID-19 brings forth a new level of stress and uncertainty to the world and health care. To care  for others well during this season of COVID-19 will require us to learn how to care for ourselves  at the same time.

Resources for COVID-19 Survivors

COVID Survivors for Change offers free programs and resources and ways to get involved:

  • Learn more about COVID Survivors for Change and sign up for email updates about trauma informed programs, resources, and advocacy and support trainings. 
  • Sign up for COVIDconnections here, a free online support session focused on grief, trauma, and healing that meets every Thursday at 9 pm ET.  Each session is led by an expert in grief and trauma followed by small group discussions with other COVID survivors.
  • Join our Facebook discussion page here, where you can post and learn more about trauma informed resources
  • Share your COVID story on our Story Wall
  • Check out our Survivor Resources website page that has information on resources and trauma

eBooks and Handouts

Journey from Grief to Hope

To help others struggling with how to cope with COVID-19 grief, anxiety, and stress we’ve developed this 33-page eBook around 28 days’ worth of evidence-informed tips to help you cope.  Each day you will find a new strategy to try based on what we’ve learned from studying and helping others amidst disasters and crises across the globe.  

Alisa and the Coronavirus

A 20-page children’s book by Gena Thomas and her four-year-old daughter, Juniper. Each page shares ideas to help children cope with COVID-19 emotional struggles, along with reflection questions and drawing challenges throughout. 

Choices You Can Make to Stay Emotionally Healthy Handout

Download this practical 2-page informational tip sheet packed with lots of helpful ideas and practices for coping with COVID-19. 

Find A Social Worker

Are you looking for a therapist or social worker to help you deal with anxiety, depression, or marital issues? Do you have concerns about your child’s behavior or the aging of a parent? HelpPRO offers immediate access to comprehensive information about clinical social workers and therapists who can help — in your town or across the country.  Developed in partnership with NASW.

COVID-19 Congregational Study

Almost all U.S. congregations ceased in-person religious services in mid-March 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet for the vast majority of these faith communities, their work and religious services continued online in the midst of significant uncertainty. Lake Institute’s research explores how congregations have responded in these unprecedented times.

Additional Resources

COVID-19 Prevention Network

A lot has been said about vaccines and COVID-19 and many people have reasonable concerns, get the facts to know what’s true and what’s myth

Cancer Patients and COVID-19 Concerns

A lot has been said about vaccines and COVID-19 and many people have reasonable concerns, get the facts from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to know what’s true and what’s myth.

Pandemic Insights & Resilience Tools

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread illness and death, economic devastation, day-to-day challenges, and long-term uncertainty. RAND research and analysis provide insights on the effects of this monumental crisis—and can help determine the best ways forward. Learn how you can help yourself, your organization, and your community to strengthen resilience.

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